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Tight blonde Jessie Volt's hardcore anal massage

Do you like massages? I do, they make me feel very relaxt but everybody knows getting your body rubbed with oil is also quite sensual. I don't think Jessie Volt's husband took that into account though, she gets a massage twice a week but there goes on a lot more than just muscle relaxation...muscles are being used, fuck muscles!

The masseur (his name is Johnny) starts out by licking this sexy blonde pornstar's pussy but he does massage her back and ass so I guess he's not completely incompetent at his job and honestly, I can't blame him that he wants to fuck this blonde babe. Who wouldn't? She really want it as well and she starts gagging on his big cock after her rub down.

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There is just one thing she likes more than giving blowjobs though...and that's getting her ass fucked and Johnny happily obliges and sticks his dick into her asshole. The sight of her gaping butt makes my dick hard and if I can go by Jessie Volt's screams she got an orgasm by anal fucking. Guess we know now why she gets a massage so often huh?

Phoenix Marie and Jada Stevens in anal action

Crime doesn't pay...or does it? Phoenix Marie and Jada Stevens robbed a bank and they proceed by breaking into a house, looking for a place to stash their loot. However, this house isn't empty like these sexy criminals expected.

The owner is in the kitchen, doing his dishes. He doesn't call the cops though, he spies on them while they are changing their clothes and the decides to be brave. Well brave, the girls don't buy it and since he didn't call the cops decide to have some fun with him.

First off, they give him a nice double blowjob and his dick is actually something that impresses the girls quite a lot. So much so that they actually want to be fucked by that dick. Not just in their pussies though, no, these pornstar robbers want that dick in their asses. Who to pick first though? Who would you choose? Jada Stevens or Phoenix Marie? To be honest, the order shouldn't really matter if you can fuck both these butts and he gets to do that.

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Busty Phoenix Marie even rides on top while his dick pumps in and out of her ass. Jada Stevens gets it doggystyle in the end, the anal way to be exact. I can only come to one conclusion after watching these sexy robbers in anal action: crime does pay, in this case for the lucky house owner.

Sexy Ivy Laine has anal sex on her vacation

It is well know that when you take a girl on a nice vacation she might do things she doesn't do at home. Those can be innocent things (skydiving, snorkling) but they can also be naughty things and those, those are the ones I am interested in.

Ivy Lain and her boyfriend are in their hotelroom and he is filming her and teasing her a bit (like playing with her hard nipples through her tiny white top). At first Ivy asks what he's doing but then she gets into it and start showing off, wiggling her ass and teasing him. Of course that makes him horny and he starts grabbing those round butt cheeks and then removes her panties.

What to do next though? Well, as I said, vacations lead to new things and in this case Ivy doesn't mind him fingering her ass and pussy at the same time. That actually gets her so horny that it pretty much leads to the best vacation sex ever. She rides on top, bouncing on his cock, but to be honest, that might have been good but it's not the best part. This is: she lets him fuck her ass. He fucks Ivy's tight butt from behind and while she's on her back and I kinda prefer the second position because we get to see that she's actually enjoying it.

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Well, Ivy Laine, since you've now had your ass fucked for the first time you might as well start doing it at home as well, or will this remain a vacation thing?

Captain Aleksa Nicole loves squirting and anal

A bit of a science fiction setting for this one! Captain Aleksa Nicole is the captain of this spaceship and she has a special talent...she can squirt like nobody's business.I mean, her wet pussyjuice just keeps pumping out of her snatch!

You would think a squirting orgasm would actually get her off but no, she needs a cock after that. So she asks her first mate to get his cock out so she can have some fun. She starts by gagging on his big dick but she quickly decides it should go in her.

First he fucks her pussy doggystyle which is already quite the sight but we get a real good look at her ass when she gets on top and start bouncing up and down.

Finally he gets to the point we've been waiting for though, she lies on her back and he starts to pump his dick in and out of his captain's asshole. You know, if this is what the future is like, I can't wait to have my dick in a hot female boss.

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Sheena Shaw gets fucked in her oiled up butt

The bouncing oiled up butt of Sheena Shaw should be enough to get your attention but I will talk a bit so you can see why you should really watch this video. This blonde pornstar shakes and jiggles that butt like nobody's business and she even shows that she's quite flexible when she does a split...with ease I might add!

All this bouncy goodness gets the attention of a horny guy and well, a girl like Sheen Shaw is horny all the time as well so what follows is some good old hardcore fucking. It begins with Sheena giving a blowjob and yes, this babe deepthroats.

How would you proceed next? Fuck her pussy? Well, I'm sure that was an option but this guy goes straight for the other hole (which is something Sheena mentions during all this fucking) and sticks it in her ass. Well, she might complain a little bit but if I go by her reaction to getting anally fucked, she doesn't really mind. She also loves to get her ass spanked as it seems.

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Man, fucking that bouncy bubble butt is now on my wishlist, hopefully Sheena Shaw will make that dream come true one day

Sexy yoga instructor Jynx Maze gets her ass fucked

Yoga is very popular nowadays, especially among women. A flexible girl does sound good to me as does the fact that they often wear tights yoga pants that show off their asses. Well...for some women that's good, not for all of course.

Jynx Maze is actually a yoga instructor and her class doesn't consist completely of women, there's a guy in there called Manuel. He does have the habit of staring at her ass every class though.

You'd figure she's mad about that but she isn't. She finds Manuel attractive and she likes it when men gaze upon the beauty that is her butt. In short: it turns her on!

Anyway, she decided to confront him after class to see what this stud does when she's straight and honest with him. Her suggestion? Fuck her ass or get out.

Busty blonde Amelie in stockings in anal action 1 Busty blonde Amelie in stockings in anal action 2 Busty blonde Amelie in stockings in anal action 3

Is that even a choice? Of course he accepts this challenge and it isn't long before he has his tongue in her mouth...and then in her asshole. She wanted to be fucked though so after a little bit of action in her pussy he sticks it into her butt as she rides this dick into anal heaven.

Busty blonde Amelie in stockings in anal action

Let me start by introducing this busty blonde. They claim her name is Amelie but she also goes by the name Mandy Dee. She's actual quite a bit better know under that second name. I'm not sure about her being a teen but hey, let this girl have her secrets as we are here to see this hottie do what she does best...fucking.

All she's wearing now is a pair of black stockings while she's sucking on this guy's dick. After that it's anal time! She starts by lying on her back and boy, does this guy hammer that tight asshole hard! I don't think it will be tight after this!

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She keeps moaning when she sits on top and instead of letting Amelie do the work he keeps hammering her ass. Quite some stamina huh? I'm kind jealous of him, both for getting to fuck this busty blonde and of how the way he does it. Finally they spoon and he keeps pounding that ass and sexy Amelie plunges her hand into her pussy as she gets an orgasm from all this anal fucking.

Cute blonde anal freak gets fucked

Ahh man! Is this guy a luck son of a bitch or what? Not only is his girlfriend a pretty young blonde teen, she's also quite the freak in the sack. How do I know that? Do you need proof? Of course you do and here it is...in all it's moving glory!

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First she gives him a nice blowjob which gives us a chance to admire this beauty's tight asshole and pink shaved pussy from behind. We will focus on the asshole part of that sentence of course.

After that blowjob the real fun starts of course as he doesn't fuck that pink snatch...no...he sticks it straight into her ass while he fucks her doggystyle.

She doesn't mind it either as she keeps that dick in her butt even when they change position. Like I said, this cutie's a freak...an anal freak!

Anyway, I mentioned a different position and that's her riding on top. She bounces up and down while she rubs her pussy. Man, how jealous am I...I want a cute teen to fuck!

Teen slut in hard anal fucking action

Oooh, another petite teen! It seems these teens today all want to get fucked in their asses doesn’t it? I don’t think I can complain about that...why would I? Anyway, back to this current babe. She starts off by showing off her hot body, fingering herself a little...you know...the usual.

She quickly needs more though so a horny guy gets his dick sucked by this brunette babe...he sticks it all the way down her throat and it seems she likes it. Guess she has a bit of a submissive streak in her huh? She displays that even more when he turns her around and starts fingering her hard and boy, is this babe wet! I am sure you can imagine several ways on how to fuck a sexy slutty teen like this and lucky for us, this guy also had some good ideas.

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He starts by fucking her doggystyle and in her pussy but, be honest, if she’s up for anything and enjoys being treated like a little fucktoy why not stick it in this sluts tight asshole? He does just that and he fucks her anally in several positions. I am talking hard anal fucking with her on top in several positions and it all ends with him shooting his load all over her face and tongue. Now that’s a good hot teen slut!

Cute Abbey does some anal fucking

Let’s meet another cute teen that lives on the naughty side. This is Abbey and she picked up a guy on her way back home from the supermarket. She wasn’t subtle about it either...just wanted to know if he’d like to fuck. Well, with that cute pink outfit and adorable smile what guy would say no to her? This one sure didn’t but not sure he was prepared for her naughty side.

First Abbey wants him to play with her pussy, finger it a little, lick it a bit and maybe stick a toy in it. After her first orgasm (and many more to come) she gives him his reward...a nice blowjob. That’s all good of course but he wants to fuck this cutie so he stick it in her pussy. Now for the shock...after just a few strokes Abbey decides she doesn’t want it in her pussy...that cock has to go straight into her ass for some good anal fucking.

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Well, again, a cute brunette teen asks you to fuck her ass...of course this guy does that! She even rides on top of him with that dick sliding in and out of her tight asshole. She squeels with delight as he fucks her butt doggystyle...pumping away inside of her. In the end he does get some more pussy though, he sneaks it back inside this teens shaved snatch till...well..what do you think? How long would you last inside this brunette babe’s ass or pussy? Just check it out and see...

Teen in pink banged in her ass

Who of you has ever fantasized about having sex with an 18 year old girl? I suspect a lot of you if not all...how about banging an 18 year old teen in her ass? Have you fantasized about that? Sure you have!

This brunette in her cute pink outfit loves to tease, loves to fuck and she loves to look good...and she’s good at all of those. Honestly, she looks quite stunning in her little pink dress and she teases very well when she slides it up a bit to show her black thong.

Her friend doesn’t like too much teasing though, he soon can’t take it anymore and starts to fondle her ass, tits and sexy tight body. In return this brunette babe sucks his cock and she sucks it well. Is there anything this beauty won’t do? No there isn’t!

After some good pussy fucking (which already looks hot as hell) this lucky guy gets to stick it into her asshole...and by the sound of it she enjoys a dick in her butt a lot!

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Well, as you might expect the guy does too so after all that anal banging of a teen girl she does a little ass to mouth (like I said...she does everything), licking his balls, sucking his dick till he shoots his load all over her face, in her mouth, on her tits...well..everywhere!